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Despite having died more than 20 years ago, He still has tens of thousands of followers, including his friends and family, including Chris Pérez, his widower and love of his life.

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During the first half of the 90s the remembered Queen of the Tex-Mex, He became famous thanks to the fact that his songs became great successes and that they sounded in different countries, something he enjoyed during his youth.

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Among his main hits are “Forbidden love”, “The boy from apartment 512”, “Like the flower”, “Bidi bidi bom bom”. With his songs, he conquered thousands of followers and became a benchmark for Latin American music in the United States and Mexico.

Selena was one of the most famous artists during the early 1990s. (Photo: AB Quintanilla / Instagram)

But beyond her popularity and her great successes, what her fans also remember is the good relationship she had with her boyfriend. Chris Perez. But since there are people who believe a lot in the astrological theme, the signs of the couple and their compatibility were made known.


Each person has a zodiac sign according to their date of birth. Each sign has different characteristics from each other and this was also reflected in the couple that they formed. and Chris Pérez.

In the first place is Reina del Tex-Mex who was born on April 16, 1971 under the sign of Arieswhile your partner Chris Perez His date of birth is August 14, 1969, therefore, it is of the sign Leo.


Taking into account that both are signs under the fire element, they have a characteristic of having a strong personality and that on certain occasions they can cause conflict when trying to stand out and impose themselves on one another.

The sign Aries has great temperament just like Leo, although another feature is that they are extremely bright. That is why, by uniting his talent in music, great successes were created that with which shone on stage.

But just as they were happy together and showed their great affection, it was inevitably that both had small differences due to the signs they represented.

But in their relationship Selena quintanilla She greatly admired her boyfriend who was also a guitarist and composer. For its part, Pérez she liked the determination the Queen of Tex-Mex had to achieve her goals.


Below, the specific data shared by the site , from El Universal de México:

  • Selena’s weight: 57 kilograms
  • Selena’s size: 1.65 meters
  • Selena’s bust: 89 centimeters
  • Selena’s Waist: 26 inches
  • Selena’s hip: 94 centimeters

This information would have been issued by the Healthy Celeb site, according to the portal. Another of his physical details were his brown eyes and black hair.


Singer was born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas state (United States) and since she was a child she demonstrated her talent for singing, thus becoming one of the most admired girls. That is how he participated in the Los Dinos group, a band that he formed with his brothers AB and Suzette.

With the passage of time, a soloist interpreter was consolidated and had good influences in music as were her parents, especially at the time of venturing into Spanish music, this despite the fact that Selena at the beginning was very difficult because of the language, but then I can achieve it.

Along with her parents were her brothers who also created a unique sound for the singer’s melodies which hooked millions of followers and fans around the world very well. Can’t put aside the outfits of the “Queen of the Tex Mex” because it also played an important role due to its great contribution to the world of fashion, being a trend in several countries.

Unfortunately, on March 31, 1995, the singer was murdered by Yolanda saldivar before turning 24 years old.

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