Self-convened Medicine and related students from UNLaR claim for their Rights

THE RIOJA-. They require, among other things: Face-to-face or virtual final exams and the elimination of quotas in all subjects of all health department careers. Here the complete order:

16:27 | Friday February 05, 2021 | La Rioja, Argentina | Fenix ​​Multiplatform

We are self-convened students of medicine and related degrees from Unlar. We show up here today to make our voice heard and defend our rights. The university authorities and professors have had enough time to organize themselves, outline protocols for taking exams and guarantee equal opportunities in our education. We students have been understanding and understood the complications that the pandemic brings, but we reached the limit. The exam tables have enrollment quotas, students are not allowed to take free classes, and subjects are not allowed to take in person, among many other irregularities in the course. These measures undoubtedly go against our rights, it is at this point illogical and unjustifiable that some students can perform and others cannot, it is irresponsible that after a lost year, as it was in 2020, there are no protocols for attendance. Where is academic excellence or equality in education in this? What right do they have to ignore and restrict our right to quality education?

We cannot allow more abuses, we cannot allow more excuses, we want to perform accordingly, according to the appropriate rules and conditions, we want to be able to perform freely, without quotas.

We do not demand facilities or favors, we only demand what corresponds to us, that our rights are fulfilled. We demand the following:

– Face-to-face or virtual final exams.

– Elimination of quotas in all subjects of all health department careers.

– That free and regular students can register and take their exams with equal opportunity, without restrictions.

– Extension of the regularities for all those students who have expired or who are soon to expire and are unable to perform in regular condition due to the pandemic and the quotas.

– These requirements are extended to all university degrees that present similar problems.

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