Economy Self-employed: without income, they will continue to pay their...

Self-employed: without income, they will continue to pay their taxes


They are the engine of the country, the lung of employment, but they have run out of gasoline, forced to drop the blind to fight the pandemic. Your checking accounts shiver, no money comes into the box, but the bill counter doesn’t stop. This week they will have to pay the almost 300 euros of quota to the Social Security and in a few days a month begins in which the obligations with the Treasury must be fulfilled, which does not forgive. Many already anticipate that this will no longer come out. The ruin.

They are taxi drivers, owners of a bar, a small hairdresser, a clothing store, they all raise the country every day of the week and feel disappointed by the little support of the Government in a health crisis that will end up mutating with this virus in a economic crisis that already seems deep, unprecedented, more after the prohibition to dismiss and the economic stoppage decreed by Sánchez that will prohibit work in non-essential activities and impose paid leave on companies from today until April 9.

“The recovery will be difficult and many companies and freelancers will be on the road. Either they change course or we are adrift », says Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA and vice president of CEOE. “First they prohibit us from dismissing and casting doubts on those who create jobs and now many self-employed are prohibited from working and will not have paid leave or aid,” he adds.

And is that the aid implemented in Spain are

uy lower than our European partners
They have deployed to protect their business fabric from economic slowdown. The storm of the coronavirus crisis has caused a common shock throughout Europe that has caused the chain reaction of governments with generous economic plans for companies and the self-employed, with suspension of contributions and VAT deferrals as a common denominator. For example, among the measures that Enmanuel Macron has approved is the suspension of quotas and taxes during the month of March for SMEs and the self-employed, and Italy has extended unemployment insurance to all sectors for nine weeks and suspended the payment of quotes and VAT until May 31.

Similar to what the Socialist Executive of Antonio Costa has done in Portugal, where companies with up to 50 workers can already postpone contributions, the same as the self-employed who reduce their activity by 20% due to the crisis. And the United Kingdom, the Executive will pay 80% of the monthly earnings, up to a limit of 2,500 pounds per month (2,750 euros) to the self-employed affected by the pandemic.

Sánchez, puzzles SMEs and freelancers
In Spain, the successive announcements of the Executive are disconcerting SMEs and the self-employed, given that there are many situations and assumptions that the government aid decree does not contemplate or, simply, does not cover. For example, when the loss of income is less than 75%. In other words, that SME or self-employed workers who lose 50% of their cash will not be able to request extraordinary help, even when a self-employed person receives a small widow’s pension.

The aid for the group approved by the Executive consists of an extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity directed at self-employed workers who have been forced to close due to the state of alarm or in the event that invoicing is reduced by at least one 75% To benefit they must present an ERTE, which will end when the alarm state ceases. After this they must keep the template for six months.

In addition, SMEs and the self-employed may defer their tax debts, but not their ordinary tax payments to file, as is the case of the quarterly VAT or personal income tax, so they will be obliged to meet their quotas and taxes in April. The deferment of debts will be six months and the first three will not accrue interest.

Without income it will be difficult for many to meet their tax obligations. The government will make it easier for them to go into debt to pay the bills, which also does not convince a group of more than 3 million workers. In the case of SMEs and the self-employed, the ICO will guarantee 80% of its credits. “The lack of economic measures that accompany the new sanitary measures will lead the self-employed to ruin,” warns Lorenzo Amor.


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