Self-service scooters limited to 10 km / h throughout Paris before Christmas

The main operators had announced a few days ago, the establishment of 700 speed limit zones in the city. A measure that did not convince the Town Hall.

A clean and practical means of locomotion for some, a nightmare “hyperdangereux“For others, self-service scooters will be limited to 10 km / h in Paris”from the first half of December“, Except on certain major axes, the town hall said Thursday. In all the “adjacent streets“, The scooters will be automatically clamped to 10 km / h, while the major axes, in particular those with secure cycle paths, will keep their limitation to 20 km / h, told AFP the ecologist David Belliard, first deputy to Mayor Anne Hidalgo (PS), in particular in charge of mobility.

In addition to the cycle paths, the “structuring inter-neighborhoods“Will also be exempted from limitation, as the streets where car traffic remains authorized at 50 km / h, and the bus lanes where bicycles are authorized, specifies the town hall. This “orderedWas passed Wednesday by the City to the three operators present in the capital, who announced a few days ago the establishment of 700 speed limit zones in Paris.

For David Belliard, such zoning would not be satisfactory because it creates “a dalmatian Paris», And would be difficult to understand for scooter users. By simplifying the rules, the town hall wishes to ensure a “better regulation of public space“, Described by elected officials as”tense“. Scooters have been responsible for 298 crashes since the start of the year, causing two deaths and 329 injuries. 375 accidents were recorded in 2020, including one fatal. At the end of June, after the death of a 32-year-old Italian woman, hit by an electric scooter on a pedestrian alley, the Paris town hall threatened the three authorized private operators not to renew their contract if they did not make progress on speed limitation and parking.

To date, David Belliard confirms the extension “five monthsOf these contracts. The “promise of total freedom“Self-service scooter users”is not tenable“, Underlines David Belliard who affirms his will”to appease»The sharing of public space as the end of year celebrations approach, when the streets of the capital fill up.

Mixed opinions on this measure

The Parisians met Thursday by AFP are divided in the face of this new measure. “It’s still not enough“, Deplores a retiree, who believes that scooters are”hyperdangereuses“For pedestrians,”the streets are already crowded, with bicycles and silent electric cars“. Marjorie, an employee of a luxury house, believes that this decision is “good news for pedestrian safety».

On the municipal opposition side, the LR mayor of the 15th arrondissement, Philippe Goujon, welcomes the implementation of this new limitation to AFP, which he claims to have proposed several weeks ago. “I didn’t want to cut the 15th into sections», Explains the elected official. He nevertheless wishes to go further, “that the City works with the operators“, To the creation in particular of a”Street code, or pedestrian code“And that the latter, particularly vulnerable,”be protected».

In this same desire to regulate self-service means of transport, the City Council has also announced that it will be calling for competition from operators of motorized two-wheelers, from December 13. The idea is to “to anticipate», Before the situation becomes unmanageable, as it has been for scooters.

Five operators are currently present in the capital, but the call for tenders will only retain two or three. The winners will be announced in June, with a start of the contract in September. The selection criteria will be diverse, and linked “the types of machinery, compliance with their environmental criteria“, To the quality of services, their ability to deploy”and to provide the service“, Summarizes Mr. Belliard, while specifying the wish of the municipality to work with companies following an approach”social improvement»Of the working environment of its employees. This model has already been followed in 2020, to reduce the number of scooter operators to three in the capital.


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