Self-test expected to be sold in supermarkets for ten euros from next month | Inland

The cabinet hopes that people will be able to take a corona rapid test themselves from next month. The idea is that the so-called antigen tests will become available to employers and for education, but will also be available in shops for about ten euros.

The antigen test is now only used in test lanes. The result is a lot faster than with a PCR test, but it is also less sensitive. As with the PCR test, mucus is taken from the nose and throat with a cotton swab. The Ministry of Health believes that self-testing can detect infections earlier in people who have no symptoms.

“That way we can cut off the virus,” said Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge. “To make that simpler and more accessible, we have to do things differently: not the people to the test street, but the tests to the people. That is why we are now making it possible in the Netherlands for producers of good rapid tests to make a self-test version of it. ” Such a self-test version would then, for example, have a shorter cotton swab.

A test kit to do a corona test at home. © ANP

Ten euro

It is currently not yet possible to make the tests available for personal use, because they are formally medical devices. Manufacturers of rapid tests can apply for an exemption to enable use as a self-test, but must meet a number of conditions for this. For example, the test must already have a European quality mark (CE) and the test must already have been found to be suitable as a self-test.

An exemption can be granted within a week. De Jonge hopes that many companies will come forward that want to make a self-test version of their product, “with proper instructions”.

The government will bear part of the costs at employers and in education, says De Jonge. The cost of a self-test in the supermarket will depend on the company. “That will be about ten euros or so”, De Jonge expects.

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