“Selfish, thoroughly operated hollow fries”: Instagrammerin wants to sue Pocher for posting about a party

PublishedJanuary 22, 2021, 7:35 pm

Oliver Pocher (42) criticized the birthday party of an Instagrammer. Now the model wants to sue the moderator.

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The moderator Oliver Pocher has to expect a lawsuit.

Instagram / amirapocher

Pocher criticized an Instagram woman’s party. He described the guests as “selfish, thoroughly operated hollow frits.”

Instagram / amirapocher

“First celebrate a small corona party … and then send the lawyer,” wrote Pocher in his Instagram story.

Instagram / oliverpocher

  • An Instagrammer wants to sue Oliver Pocher.

  • In a post, Pocher criticized that she had celebrated a “corona party”.

  • The Instagrammer received death threats.

After a hefty criticism from Oliver Pocher (42) at a party in Corona times, the Instagrammer he attacked wants to sue the moderator. His client even received death threats after she appeared in a post by Pocher, said the young woman’s lawyer in a letter on Friday. With his video, Pocher accepted that her health would be harmed. The moderator himself reacted quite calmly to the accusations. “First celebrate a small corona party … and then send the lawyer,” he wrote in his Instagram story. “Am very excited!” Several media reported.

The trigger for the confrontation was a previous video by Pocher, in which he showed footage of a party he discovered on Instagram. The recordings showed how guests celebrated at well-laid tables. “But I think I’m being served for more than one household, right?” Asked Pocher mockingly. He criticized: Because of such “hollow frits” there is the “whole shit” and the lockdown continues. The moderator has been tackling influencers and their behavior during the corona pandemic for some time.

Lawyer writes of “rowdy statements”

The Instagrammer’s lawyer wrote in his statement of “rowdy statements”. His client is currently unable to answer questions and reject Pocher’s comments “due to a collapse in health”. You have asked him to file charges for insult.

In the meantime, research is also being carried out at the location of the alleged celebration. The city of Meerbusch near Düsseldorf stated that it was aware of “this party”. The information was received from residents and via social media. The public order office has started investigations.

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