Senate passes ‘austerity’ law for bureaucrat salaries


The Senate Chamber approved with 90 votes in favor and 28 against, the minute that issues the new Federal Law of Remuneration of Public Servants, whose objective is that these salaries are fair, equitable, adequate, proportional and responsible.

In the opinion, the legislators explained that, with this new legal instrument, the Congress of the Union ratifies its commitment to eradicate costly bureaucracies and establish remuneration through objective criteria, in accordance with the responsibilities of public servants and the reality of the country.

Through this Law, he emphasizes, it is intended to achieve a balance so that the remuneration of officials is sufficient to provide a decent life for their families, that salaries are attractive and fair for qualified professional profiles and savings are generated for the benefit of the society.

Also, the mandate of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) is addressed so that in this new order the principles of adequacy, inalienability and proportionality are regulated.

In the document, it is highlighted that the inclusion of the Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDP per capita), as a reference for determining the remuneration of State workers, is an innovative methodology that has never been applied before in the country.

It specifies that this new way of determining the salaries of public servants, with social sense and economic rationality, is part of the annual remuneration of the Federal Executive, which constitutes the maximum limit for the payment of the salaries of civil servants.


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