News Senate votes to clamp Trump on Iran, veto expected

Senate votes to clamp Trump on Iran, veto expected


Protesters in New York after the American strike against Iran, January 11, 2020. – Erik McGregor / Sipa USA / SIPA

It is a snub that should remain above all symbolic. The United States Senate passed a resolution on Thursday to limit Donald Trump’s military action against Iran. The House should do the same, but the President has already announced that he will use his veto power. To override it would require a two-thirds majority vote in Congress, a high bar that generally protects any tenant in the White House.

The Senate voted by a large majority (55 for, 45 against) this resolution initiated by the Democrats and supported by eight elected Republicans who nevertheless have the majority. This follows the American strike which eliminated General Soleimani.

A previous veto in 2019

The text obliges the president to ask for “a debate and a vote in Congress”, the only one empowered to declare war according to the Constitution, before any “offensive war” against the Islamic Republic. He stressed, however, that the president retains the ability to initiate military action in the event of an “imminent” attack on the country.

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He must be sent to the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Democrats and where he is likely to be confirmed. Donald Trump has already said he will veto the resolution, which would send “a very bad signal” to Tehran.

In 2019, Congress had already approved a resolution calling for an end to US support for the Saudi military coalition in the war in Yemen, with the exception of operations targeting jihadist groups. The White House tenant had vetoed.


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