Senate wants to prevent Trump’s arbitrary military action against Iran

Dhe American Congress wants to limit President Donald Trump’s military actions against Iran. The Senate, dominated by Trumps Republicans, passed a resolution on Thursday to prevent Trump’s arbitrary military action against Iran and to force the President to involve Parliament in such cases.

Eight Trump Republican senators also voted in favor of the Democratic resolution, despite the president’s explicit appeal not to do so. Trump had warned that such a restriction would send out a “very bad signal”. It was not time to show weakness towards Tehran.

It is based on the 1973 War Powers Resolution, which prescribes that the President should “consult Congress” in any case before sending armed forces into combat.

Trump recently caused displeasure in Congress with a military strike against Iran. Forces at the beginning of January had killed the Iranian general Quassem Soleimani in Baghdad on Trump’s orders – which at times brought Washington and Tehran to the brink of a war.

After the Senate, the resolution goes to the House of Representatives, the other Chamber of Congress. The Democrats have the majority there. The House of Representatives had already passed a resolution in January to prevent Trump’s arbitrary military action against Iran. The Senate has now launched its own – similar – resolution. If this also gets through in the House of Representatives, Trump could veto it. The necessary two-thirds majority, in turn, to overrule such a veto is not in sight in either of the two congressional chambers.

Trump had had to veto a similar case last year after Congress rebelled against him. Both chambers of Congress – including the Trump Republican-dominated Senate – had then passed a resolution to end US aid to Saudi Arabia’s military operation in Yemen.


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