Senator Elizalde reveals that Sebastián Sichel contacted him “desperate” to be “Michelle Bachelet’s undersecretary”

Senator PS Álvaro Elizalde revealed that the right-wing presidential candidate, Sebastián Sichel (Chile Podemos +), asked him for a position in the government when he was the minister of former president Michelle Bachelet.

In conversation with the morning of Channel 13 “Welcome”, Elizalde assured that he is close with Sichel, he was even invited to her marriage and they studied a magister together. “When I was appointed minister (Michelle Bachelet’s second government), before I took office, he contacted me because he was desperate to be Michelle Bachelet’s undersecretary.”

“So my opinion of him is that his ambition is superior to his convictions, and therefore, he has no real commitment. It does not matter to him, he wants to reach a certain position, by any path and that is very complicated because the President of the Republic must be a person who acts on a basis of convictions, “he added.

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