Separated from Gisela Dulko, Fernando Gago would already be living with his lover

Fernando Gago and Gisela Dulko

“Mas del Gago Gate”, celebrated Cinthia Fernández when opening The angels of the morning this Wednesday and immediately confirmed that futbolisFernando Gago would already be living with his lover, Verónica Laffite.

“First of all I want to tell you that Gisela Dulko’s lawyer is going to be Bernardo Beccar Varela and his will be Fernando Burlando, he intends it to be a civilized agreement, but little things are happening ”, the panelist began and announced: “We thought he had a lover and it was the reason for the separation, Verónica Laffitte is no longer a lover, she is the current woman.”

At that time, the dancer insisted that the “current woman” of the former Boca and the tennis player were “best friends”: “They will deny it, but there are photos and now she becomes the woman. Martín Sierra (the husband) found out from me, she denied him infidelity to death until two days ago, “they are rumors,” she told him. They were already separated because everyone told him that she had been unfaithful ”.

According to Fernández, Gago’s current partner She had been unfaithful to her ex-husband with people from the neighborhood and with other parents at the school where her children and Gago’s children attend. Pía Shaw also confirmed: “Verónica and Fernando coexist”.

Gisela Dulko and Veronica Laffitte (Credit: LAM capture)
Gisela Dulko and Veronica Laffitte (Credit: LAM capture)

In turn, they shared a photo that It would “prove the friendship” between Dulko and Veronica. It is an image taken at the inauguration of the fitness center that Laffitte has in Nordelta in which the two women are seen with a trainer.

As Cinthia had told on Monday, the tennis player discovered her husband’s infidelity with one of the mothers of the school where her children attended, which is why she not only decided to separate but also change the boys from the institution and move from Nordelta to San Isidro with them. “She is destroyed, she is having a very bad time. I also legally confirmed that she opened the door and found them in her bed making love. The worst of all is that they were very friendly with each other and the families, although two years ago they met they went everywhere together: Gisela, Gago, this woman Verónica and Martín, her husband who had not appeared on the scene until now. He is a lawyer, they spoke to me wonders about him, who is also destroyed “added Charis’s mom, Bella and Francesca.

The now ex-husband and wife got engaged in 2009 and two years later they got married with a spectacular party attended by more than 400 people. After getting married, she left her career as a tennis player and launched a clothing brand for boys. Together they are parents of Mateo, Antonella and Daniele.

In November 2020, Gago announced his retirement from football and at the time he said goodbye, Dulko dedicated an emotional post to him on his social networks that a few days ago after the scandal, she herself took care of deleting: “From the first day I saw you I fell in love with you … and I also admired you as an athlete and professional, always responsible and doing everything in your power to be a better player every day. Soccer was something totally unknown to me until I saw you play, you taught me to understand the sport and I became just another fan ”.

On Tuesday, the scandal reached the English press. The newspaper The Sun titled: “DOUBLE FAULT. Ex-Real Madrid ace Fernando Gago splits from tennis star wife after being caught cheating with her best friend” (“DOUBLE FAILURE. Former Real Madrid ace Fernando Gago ‘separates from the tennis star’s wife after being caught cheating with his best friend”).


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