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The studio discussed the development of the series in honor of the 12th anniversary of the original Alan Wake.

The future of the Alan Wake series was discussed by screenwriter Sam Lake, actor Ilkka Willy, who plays Alan Wake, and Matthew Porrett, who voices the hero.

  • Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch. It will be native, not “cloud” version; the release will take place only in the “figure” in the fall of 2022.
  • The rights to the Alan Wake series were acquired by AMC Networks, which worked on The Walking Dead and showed Breaking Bad. Production should start later, Remedy will give details when they appear.
  • A large part of Alan Wake 2 is already playable, Remedy has been working on various iterations of the game for several months.
  • Alan Wake 2 will not be shown in the summer of 2022. According to Lake, it takes several months to make a quality trailer or demo, and the developers have decided not to waste time on this yet and focus on the production of the game. Therefore, the demo and trailer will be released later.

The original Alan Wake was released in 2010, and a sequel was announced in December 2021. The game will be Remedy’s first survival horror, and is scheduled to release in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Alan Wake 2 Concept Art

Remedy developers talking about Alan Wake

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