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The minister did not name the motives for the illegal wiretapping, as well as the names of the persons involved in the case.

Serbian Interior Minister for the first time on wiretapping of Serbian President stated at the beginning of January. Then the minister suggested that a certain organized criminal group could be behind the wiretapping. He did not give any details then.

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A month later, the head of the Serbian Criminal Police Department, Bogdan Pusic statedthat the mafia was preparing an assassination attempt on the president of the country. According to him, the assassination attempt was to take place on the day of the opening ceremony of the monument to Stefan Neman, who is considered one of the founders of the independent Serbian state that existed in the Middle Ages. It was held on January 27, it was attended by Vucic, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko, head of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in the country Yevgeny Demin and a number of Serbian ministers and high-ranking officials.

Serbian Interior Minister announced illegal wiretapping of President Vucic

According to the Serbian police, a criminal group headed by crime boss Velko Belivuk was involved in the plans to prepare the assassination attempt. The clans acted under the guise of a group of fans of the Belgrade football club Partizan – ultras fans of Grobari. Grobari is one of the main fan groups in Serbia, founded back in the 1970s. Belivuk, also known by the nickname Velia Nevolya, was one of the leaders of the fan association. Together with him, 19 more people were detained. They are accused of numerous murders, kidnapping for extortion and drug dealing.

According to Pushic, the criminal group was liquidated as a result of a special operation carried out by the Serbian security forces in early February. Vulin then suggested that the assassination attempt on the head of state could be prepared in order to achieve the curtailment of a large-scale program to eliminate organized crime in the country.

Vucic himself spokethat I’m not sure if he was the target of the mafia. “I can’t say for sure that I was the target [покушения]… The police came to such conclusions based on the analysis of the data and the fact that the criminals had sniper rifles, ”the president said.


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