Serene C&I, Fractal Design Mesh Pie 2 New Light Series Officially Launched

Seorin C&I (CEO: Jeon Deok-gyu, has launched Meshify 2, a popular PC case product of Fractal Design (, a new Lite series and exclusive accessories. was officially released.

Fractal Design’s Mesh Pie series is a popular PC case product representing Fractal Design along with the Define series as a product to which the symbolic angular mesh panel is applied. According to the product specification, derivative models such as basic, compact, and XL have been released in succession to provide a variety of options.

The Meshify 2 Light series is available in two colors, black and white. Of these, the Black model is derived from the Meshify 2 Light RGB model equipped with a 140mm large RGB LED-supported cooling fan on the front, and a total of 3 types are prepared. Tempered glass is applied to the side panel of all three models, and to give better visibility according to the color of the product, the black model has a light tint and the white model has a clear tint.

Fractal Design Mesh Pie 2 Lite series does not support the adaptive dual layout of Mesh Pie 2, a prototype that can be applied differently depending on build options such as storage expansion. Therefore, a structural change was applied to simplify the storage area and Seon-ri area on the opposite side where hardware is not installed.

Also, unlike the original model, Meshify 2 Lite does not have a USB-C type port in the external I/O port. This is a factor in lowering the production cost of the product, thereby lowering the burden on consumers to purchase the product. If you need to add this USB-C type port, you can purchase a dedicated accessory, USB-C Add-on cable, which is released as an optional product.

Meshify 2 Lite doesn’t have much of a difference other than some of these internal and external changes. The standard size is not much different from the original one, around 10mm, and the number of supported expansion slots is the same, so the Flex B-20 riser cable kit, a dedicated accessory, can be used. In addition, the side panel joined by the latching method is also applied in the same way, and the easy-to-remove dust filter and the top and front panels contribute to the convenient maintenance of the system. Lastly, the company’s Aspect cooling fan series is provided as a standard cooling fan for the product, so it is easy to create a unified color for the system.

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