Serge Ibaka is committed with the Clippers for 2 years and 19 million, Lou Will will only have to say to himself that Montrezl Harrell cut his hair

No break in the NBA, not even on Sunday morning. After a night marked in particular by the signatures of Gordon Hayward, Tristn Thompson, Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony or even Fred VanVleet, it is Serge Ibaka’s turn to validate his future for the next two years, by joining the West. and the Clippers for $ 19 million.

We continue! It is therefore to Los Angeles that Serge Ibaka will take his kitchen utensils, after seven seasons with the Thunder, a quick interlude on the Orlando side and three and a half years in Canada, magnified by the 2019 title with the Raptors. Serge Ibaka was one of the players with the highest odds, a franchise package seemed on the spot, and it is ultimately for a more than reasonable price that the Spanish international engages with the Clippers, however with a player option on the second year. 19 million, or more or less the same price as Tristan Thompson, a little more than Mason Plumlee and a little less than… Meyers Leonard, if anyone understands something, please give us a tutorial.

Serge Ibaka at the Clippers? Two observations are in order. The first: ah, Jerry West has finally woken up, and after losing Landry Shamet, JamyChal Green, Pat Patterson and above all Montrezl Harrell, the Clipps board has finally re-signed… Marcus Morris and made a nice shot with the husband of Jeanne, this one is technical. Second thing, this arrival obviously echoes the departure of the 6th Man of the year. Same position, more or less the same profile, two players for whom we expected a few dollars more on the check elsewhere, and if Trezz’s explosiveness will be lacking at Staples Center, Sergio will bring to Los Angeles an essential surplus of experience and a nice defensive upgrade to Tyronn Lue’s troop, also essential not to collapse in the Playoffs like every spring since Antiquity. It should also be noted that he will also find in Calif Kawhi Leonard, with whom he had become champion a year and a half ago.

Big signing casually for the Clippers, orphans of one of their leaders but who ultimately did not hang around to replace him. Maybe Serge Ibaka just wanted to play in the sun, we just hope he gave his okay after learning that the Raptors will be moving to Florida for 2021.

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