Serge Lama has just made “the most difficult decision” of his career

Considered a person at risk in this period of coronavirus, the 77-year-old singer had already announced one year ago that he was officially renouncing tours throughout France. Serge Lama was too physically tired to continue at this pace. “I understood that it was cooked”

The interpreter of Adventures in Adventures or Woman, Woman, Woman had however wished to reassure his fans by announcing his farewell tour symbolically baptized Farewell dear province. But the pandemic has passed through there and the postponements of dates have been linked. Until this radical decision taken today, as we can read in an official press release published on his Facebook account.

“It is with a lot of emotion and sadness …”

Due to the health crisis which has already forced him to postpone the “FAREWELL CHÈRE PROVINCE” tour twice and to date having no visibility on the duration of this pandemic, SERGE LAMA, in agreement with Luana Santonino and Gilbert Coullier Productions, has decided to cancel its “ADIEU CHÈRE PROVINCE” tour scheduled from October 1, 2021 as well as the two performances at the Palais des Congrès in PARIS, on December 8 and 9, 2021. “ thus begins the press release.

“It is with great emotion and sadness that Serge Lama made this difficult decision, the Facebook ad continues. He sincerely regrets not being able to say goodbye to his audience and to all the people who have followed and supported him for decades on stage. “

A spoiled goodbye but “the wisest decision”

The note then evokes his inability to last longer …

But given the scale of the health crisis and his physical handicap which he has now assumed for more than 50 years, he cannot predict his ability to perform on stage at the end of the year, in 2022, or even in 2023 if the sanitary conditions were to impose a new postponement. Rather than performing under sub-optimal conditions and out of respect for its audience, this is the wisest and most reasonable decision to make. “

A farewell in another form

“Serge Lama is currently thinking about another way to say goodbye to his loyal audience, concludes the press release before proposing how to be reimbursed for tour tickets. Don’t worry, he hasn’t said his last word… ” What to give hope to his fans.

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