Sergio Agüero caused controversy in England due to physical contact with the linesman

The Argentine forward Sergio Agüero was the protagonist this Saturday in England and not only for his return to the field after four months in the Manchester City game against Arsenal, but also for causing controversy, due to physical contact with linesman Sian Massey-Ellis.

It was the 41st minute of the commitment at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester and the trans-Andean claimed a possible side for her squad very close to the referee. This dismissed the complaints of “Kun”, who touched the shoulder of the professional at that time.

In the Itelevision image clearly perceived that Massey-Ellis did not feel comfortable with the contact and bluntly She took her hand off the ram from her shoulder and tried to stay focused on the game.

This earned him criticism of the player on social networks by netizens and even MP Rosena Allin-Khan, calling the action “unacceptable”. Others questioned that he had not been expelled.

City won this match 1-0 and added their second victory in the Premier League.

Review the action of the controversy:


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