Sergio Berni disaffected 400 policemen who participate …

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, in charge of Sergio Berni, disabled more than 400 troops from service that they participated of theto police rebellion from last september. In the text, signed by the Internal Affairs auditor, Lorena Rebuffo, it is stated that the officers committed very serious administrative offenses when moving, for example, to the Presidential Palace of Olivos, using force mobiles and during service hours. The effective must declare in administrative headquarters before Internal Affairs, the weapon is taken away, they were separated from the service Y face the possibility of being discharged. Furthermore, there is a criminal case against them. The decision is dated February 8 and somehow It is a warning regarding the moves planned for this Thursday 11 and encouraged by exonerated officers and a couple of Cambiemos referents who use a Facebook page.

The proceedings in the Internal Affairs Audit not only includes those who marched to Olivos in an astonishing undoubtedly political rebellion, because the President was oblivious to a conflict that was provincial and that Governor Axel Kicillof resolved by equating the salaries of the Buenos Aires Police with the salaries of the federal forces. further there are troops disaffected due to similar events in Puente 12, where Berni is usually, in La Plata and in other parts of the Buenos Aires geography. The notifications were coming in this Tuesday.

During the last week began to circulate, through a page of Facebook, the call to repeat the rebellion February 11, with the slogan of what the salaries of the Buenos Aires City are equated with those of the City Police. Some argue that a newly admitted cash can add about 61,000 pesos of salary in Buenos Aires while in CABA the figure rises to 70,000. Immediately, some of the leaders of Cambiemos replicated the call, with Florencia Arietto – a collaborator of former minister Patricia Bullrich – at the head. This newspaper has been doing a check among the mayors on the existence or non-existence of concern in the police ranks. The answer is that little echo is perceived before the attempt. The disaffection released this Monday is also a bucket cold water for the rebels.

The text of the resolution indicates that “they must provide administrative statement in relation to done for which, the September 9, 2020, in the afternoon, the effective mentioned they were present at the Presidential Residence of Olivos with the purpose to participate in a protest to request improvements in their working conditions, protest that affected the normal provision of the service, being channeled into working hours and aboard police mobiles belonging to the fleet of the agency in which they provided services. The named troops committed a made of extreme gravity since they circulated, both on foot and in police mobiles, with the clear intention to erode the presidential figure. For what has been said, the accused seriously impaired discipline by committing an act of insubordination and they affected the operation of the police force ”. In other disaffections, the place and time where they occurred – La Plata, Puente 12 – and a similar text appear. The notification also states that there is abundant evidence of the facts, including photographs, videos and testimonial statements.

In that rebellion, those who took the microphone and took center stage were, in general, exonerated, that is to say, police officers who were no longer in the force. At Puente 12, an alleged officer appeared in a camouflage military uniform. It was Captain Mariano Díaz, who according to the Ministry of Security was separated from the Buenos Aires Province for having intervened in a mutiny of Grupo Halcón in 2014. Díaz seems to have always sought to lead a police union, despite the fact that he no longer it is in Buenos Aires.

In the afternoon, in Olivos, another exonerated person, Captain Sandro Adrián Amaya, took the microphones, who was also exonerated for being charged in a drug case that federal judge Alberto Suárez Araujo instructed at the time.

However, these spokesmen were accompanied by several hundred active troops who, in turn, used the force’s mobiles. The hand of Cambiemos was seen in that several of the leaders were candidates for councilors in lists of Mauricio Macri’s force.

A couple of weeks ago, former Minister Patricia Bullrich again tried to put on her show in front of eight policemen who were square in Villa Gesell. Bullrich and Arietto made the filming transcend as if it had been another act of insubordination, but the police themselves said they were deceived and used politically.

Despite the fact that it was the government of Macri and María Eugenia Vidal that allowed the delay in police revenues, now they present themselves as the defenders of the uniformed and part of the hard sector of Cambiemos encourages the rebellion. The troops now know what they are exposed to, because with the decision of this Monday not only were they deactivated from the service, the weapon was taken from them, they face the possibility of being discharged, but there is also a process underway in criminal justice which can end in a conviction.


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