Sergio González renews with Valladolid until 2022

Valladolid has renewed for two more seasons to Sergio Gonzalez, until 2022. His current contract expired in June 2020, and club leaders wanted to place their trust in him, thanks to his good management as a club coach.

The renewal proposal came to the table of Gonzalez A few weeks ago, when from the club they let him know that they had him for a future project. Finally, after a few days of negotiations, the technician has said yes to Valladolid, and will remain on the benches of Zorrilla until 2022.

Good results of Sergio González

The Catalan coach arrived at the club in April 2018 and got promoted the same year. After a year and a half heading to Valladolid, Gonzalez It has given confidence and security to the club and its management is being remarkable.

The objectives of the Valladolid club have been fully met, because thanks to Gonzalez, he returned to Primera after four years, and since his return to the top category he has not suffered to remain in Primera.


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