Serie A, sports judge: a day in Lazzari for blasphemy. Disqualified Rabiot, Hakimi and Lukaku cautioned | First page

The Serie A Sports Judge has arrived. And Dr. Gerardo Mastandrea has decided to disqualify Manuel for one day Lazzari, right side of Lazio, for a blasphemy during the match against Inter. This is what is written in the press release: “The Sports Judge, received by the Federal Prosecutor’s ritual reporting pursuant to art. 61, paragraph 3 CGS (by e-mail received at 8.33 of February 15, 2021) regarding the conduct of the player Manuel Lazzari (Soc . Lazio) consisting in having pronounced a blasphemous expression at the 7th of the second half;

acquired and examined the relative television images, with full technical and documentary guarantee;

considering that the player in question was clearly framed by the television footage while uttering a blasphemous expression, identifiable and audible without margin of reasonable doubt, and that, therefore, such behavior must be sanctioned pursuant to art. 37, paragraph 1, lett. a) CGS, and the aforementioned legislation on television testing;


resolves to sanction the player Manuel Lazzari (Soc. Lazio) with the disqualification for an actual match day “.

THE OTHERS – 12 thousand euro fine to Parma due to an unjustified delay of 9 minutes in the match against Verona; Simone Bastoni, Di Marco, Erlic, Hoedt and Rabiot have been suspended for one day. As they enter a warning Square, Judge e Lukaku.

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