Series: Cobra Kai: this happened with Mr. Miyagi between the time of the franchise

There is no doubt that Mr. Miyagi is one of the most remembered characters in “”. The franchise that started , Ralph Macchio and William Zabka live today thanks to the YouTube Red series “”, Which has now been moved to to produce a third season on the platform.

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Located 34 years after the events of the saga of “”, “Look like adults Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence they carry on with their lives in their small town. The latter decides to reopen his old dojo to teach karate to teenagers and his childhood rival does the same to teach karate. Miyagi-Do.

During the show’s first and second seasons, various characters from the original movie trilogy are mentioned, but none carry the same weight as the Sr. Miyagi. Both to Johnny like Daniel, he left an indelible mark on their hearts that lasts even years after his death.

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But … What did he do during all these years before the start of “”? has made an analysis of the previous films and what is mentioned in the series to know what happened to the Sr. Miyagi for all these years until the day of his death in the 2011 (Pat Morita passed away in 2005).


What happened to Mr. Miyagi between the years of “The Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”? (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

First, it is necessary to clarify something that fans have wondered for years, and that is that the Sr. Miyagi and Daniel they remained close friends until the character’s death in 2011. The mentor not only left Daniel her home, but Daniel is also seen visiting her grave regularly.

How regularly? Well, at one point he notices that a few months is a long time between visits, which can only imply that he visited more regularly. Miyagi in his grave shortly after his death, maintaining this custom over the years throughout his life.

What happened to Mr. Miyagi between the years of “The Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”? (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Fortunately, the show has been able to bring in many familiar faces from “Karate Kid“Appearing in”Cobra Kai”, And most fans are pleased with the way the show has continued the franchise’s legacy, finding a way to honor the memory of Pat Morita.

In the backstory, what fans have noticed is that even though the bonsai shop the couple opened in the original trilogy evidently failed, the Sr. Miyagi had enough money to fix all his problems before his death and still leave his house and cars to Daniel in his will

What happened to Mr. Miyagi between the years of “The Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”? (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

But that’s not the end of his untold story. In addition to teaching Julie Pierce of Hilary Swank in “The Next Karate Kid”, Miyagi had more adventures with Daniel that didn’t make it to the big screen. These are recounted in the animated series “Karate Kid“, in which Miyagi, with the voice of Robert Ito, and your student travel the world.

They were sent on a mission to retrieve a magical shrine that was stolen from Okinawa, and the series was meant to last 65 episodes, but it was cut to 13 chapters for publication in NBC. The couple, along with the new partner Tamurai, they went to Europe, South America and Australia.

What happened to Mr. Miyagi between the years of “The Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”? (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

The series sees Miyagi working on a film set at a time and also joining the crew of a Norwegian whaling ship. As a last resort, “Cobra Kai”Offers little data on the intergenerational friendship between Daniel and the Sr. Miyagi. However, the next season will likely explore more of his mysterious past.

Since in the third season Daniel is directed to Okinawa, there is some speculation that it will bring back Chozen Toguchi of “The Karate Kid Part 2”. In this case, he would not be an antagonist, but his return would make sense due to the exploration of the past that he wants to make of the Sr. Miyagi.

In short, it still remains to be known what other adventures will reveal the third part of “Cobra Kai” in Netflix, but it is more than certain that the Sr. Miyagi will return with a part of his past that he hid Daniel, something not very dark or secret due to the respect that the creators of the series have with the character of Pat Morita.


Rob Garrison, the “Cobra Kai” actor who died shortly after his “Karate Kid” character

Rob Garrison, the actor who died shortly after his character in “Karate Kid”


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