Serious security vulnerability in Windows versions

Bleeping Computer revealed a serious security vulnerability in versions of Windows from the technology giant Microsoft, including Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022.

Microsoft created a more serious flaw while trying to fix another vulnerability, which made it very easy to bypass a patch that Microsoft published to protect users.

The site pointed out that this is not the only flaw that was recently spotted on Windows, as a few months ago, the vulnerability put millions of Windows PCs at risk.

The site also confirmed that the vulnerability allows the attacker to easily gain access to the computers of all users, and the hacker can take full control of the computer if he has physical access to the device.

Microsoft is expected to fix the vulnerability in a future update, possibly in a patch next Tuesday.

The security researcher stated that the best workaround available at the moment is to wait until Microsoft releases a security patch, given the complexity of this vulnerability.

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