Seriously injured Minnesota officer takes steps to recover

WASECA, Minn. (AP) – A police officer from the south of Minnesota who was shot in the head has shown minor signs in the fight for recovery, his pastor said.

Waseca officer Arik Matson remains in critical condition in the hospital. Matson was seriously wounded on January 6 when he and three police officers responded to a call about a suspect who was traveling in the backyards of Waseca, a city of approximately 9,400 people located 110 kilometers south of Minneapolis.

Matson’s pastor, Kaleb Hurley, said he had a long way to go, but had answered questions by pressing a finger or giving a thumbs-up sign, the Star Tribune reported.

The bullet entered Matson’s head and left the back, Hurley said.

“It’s a miracle that he’s alive,” he said.

37-year-old Tyler Janovsky, accused of shooting Matson and shooting two other police officers, was charged with three charges of attempting first-degree murder. Maston and another officer returned the fire and struck Janovsky twice. He suffered injuries that did not threaten his life.

As the swelling of Matson’s head wound subsides, doctors can do more tests and nurses are encouraged by the changes they’ve seen, Hurley said.

Matson, 32, is the husband and father of two young girls.

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