Server overload and recommendation of a new installation after the early access end

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem left early access at 6 p.m. today and since then the servers have been battling with the onslaught of players. According to the French development team, there are problems with the authentication servers, the character data stored online, with group invitations and with the friend lists. You are already working on increasing server capacity and improving stability. Almost 60,000 players are currently playing the title, which can also be played in an online mode.

By the way, developers of previous Wolcen versions are advised to delete the current game and to completely reinstall the release version in order to avoid technical problems. The price of the game has increased from € 29.99 to € 34.99 after the early access end (Steam).

“Today is the end of a long journey, but also the beginning of a new adventure for us. However, Wolcen’s development is far from over. We want to continue developing the project in the future and have plans for additional features and content. We also want to improve the game based on community feedback “says Daniel Dolui, Managing Director of Wolcen Studios.
                                                Latest current video: release trailer


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