ServiceNow Enhances Offerings with Generative AI

2023-09-29 14:00:00

In this Innovation Profile, Tony Uphoff analyzes ServiceNow’s use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). ServiceNow also introduces its Now Assist for Virtual Agent offering.


00:30 — ServiceNow has integrated generative AI capabilities to not only enhance its offerings but also to help customers transform their workflows, processes, and business models.

00:46 — As a Cloud Wars Top 10 company, ServiceNow has recently gone up in rank to its current #6 position. Tony attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2023 event in May where he learned about the new generative AI features that the company is rolling out.

01:32 — With the exception of Microsoft, ServiceNow seems to be far ahead of most other enterprise providers in terms of delivering generative AI capabilities.

01:58 — Tony describes four key takeaways from the ServiceNow briefings that will help business technology decision-makers understand why the company’s approach to generative AI is so unique.

02:10 — The first is augmented intelligence. ServiceNow’s focus and strategy is on enhancing human capabilities, not replacing them. The company is also addressing the need to rescale and upskill workers through its RiseUp program.

02:49 — The second is talent requisition and description. By leveraging the power of generative AI, the ServiceNow platform can detail the workflow of what people really do and draft an accurate description of various roles.

03:17 — The third is talent engagement. The platform can enable more efficient work and workflows to free up time for higher-value tasks, less frustration, and higher retention to reduce employee burnout and turnover.

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03:50 — The fourth is new business models and capabilities. ServiceNow is working with customers and partners to create a series of field service applications using generative AI and the ServiceNow platform.

04:54 — ServiceNow presents its Now Assist offering, which integrates generative AI and intelligent platform automation. Now Assist serves as a virtual agent, allowing employees to have conversational experiences with contextual and intelligent responses.

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