Services: Apple reveals part of its 2020 figures

It’s an exercise that becomes a ritual at this time of the new year, Apple take stock of the activity of its services during the past twelve months. And like last year , between two autocelebrations, Apple slips a number or two but it also keeps several in the pocket.

In terms of services, 2020 will have seen the launch of Apple Fitness + in English-speaking countries, that of bouquet Apple One, the slowdown in content production for Apple TV + due to the pandemic and a lower commission from the App Store collected from small publishers.

No decency on the numbers when it comes to l’App Store. Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, users spent $ 1.8 billion (1.46 billion euros) on purchases and subscriptions on this platform, and games weighed for the vast majority. In total, this frenzy of downloads generated $ 400 million more in spending than a year ago.

No figures yet on the number of developers who have been selected for the new program “App Store Small Business Program”, with its commission halved to 15%. But the first chosen did not begin to be warned than a few days ago. In passing, we note that Apple does not say anything about the Mac App Store which celebrates, today precisely, its first decade ! A silence that says a lot about the importance of this store in its catalog.

For Apple Music, it is always the big white on the number of subscribers. The last figure made public traced back to June 2019: 60 million users. Apple has become very discreet about this information, just like the sales of its computers and phones.

It must be said that the subject is competitive and delicate. With 320 million users, including 114 million paying (official data for October), Spotify certainly continues to lead the race. By giving its figures, Apple would only highlight this comparison.

At most, today’s press release indicates that Apple Music now has a catalog of 70 million songs (a figure that traced back to November) compared to 60 million a year ago.

By leaving its small box to go and install itself on competing solutions (Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV) or televisions (LG, Sony, Vizio) and Xbox and PlayStation consoles, l’app TV d’Apple can be used on more than a billion screens, calculates Apple. However, this does not say anything about the number of people who actually use it by these new media, in the 100 countries and regions where it is available.

Question contents, 2021 will see new ones arriving on Apple TV+, in addition to the upcoming sequels of Servant or Dickinson there will be the new seasons of See, of Morning Show, the adaptation of Foundation, and others but without details on the dates.

No info here either on the number of viewers for these Apple programs, which are still free for a large part of people. The last estimate to date gave 8.7 million customers (5 times less than Disney + whose catalog arrived, from the outset, very full).

For its book platform, Apple Books, Apple speaks of 90 million monthly active users and a progression ” remarkable “(There was no information last year), the effect may be of the various confinements.

Silence on usage figures d’Apple News. Last year we learned that this newsstand had more than 100 million monthly active users in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. To believe that there was nothing remarkable a year later. Apple News + however remains confined to these countries, which can only hinder its growth.

Lead screed also on the figures d’Apple Arcade, on the number of people who have grouped their subscriptions in Apple One or on the very young Fitness+, not even a word to give the feeling that he has started to find an audience (read Apple Fitness +: Sneak Peek at the New Service).

Finally, in the absence of the number of iCloud customers, we learn that 90% of them have passed on the system two-factor identification. A good progression – they were 75% in January 2020 – and an almost full box.

Apple’s next earnings announcement will take place on January 27, which could be an opportunity to learn a bit more about the performance of these services, but discretion seems to be gaining ground on customer volumes.


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