Set back from the world (1/2): Tales of cabins and shelters

Published on : 18/12/2020 – 10:40

More than any other, this year has proven to us that travel can also be still and interior. Many traveling writers who, in their time, made the choice to withdraw from the world, to better observe it, tell it, reinvent it and resist it, have proven it to us …

For this first episode, we travel through stories of cabins and refuges, in the company of the great traveler Alexandra David-Néel, who spent nearly three years in a hermitage in Sikkim, of Henry David Thoreau retired in his cabin in Concord near the Lake Walden whose work Walden or life in the woods continues to inspire free thinkers in love with nature, from Sylvain Tesson, the French travel writer isolated in his cabin in the forests of Siberia in Paolo Rumiz, perched on a lighthouse in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, or even the Japanese hermit of 13th century Kamo No Chomei or the white Indian Gray Owl, a former Canadian trapper who became a great defender of nature and the natives at the beginning of the 20th century.

In this literary journey, between nature and solitude, the hut turns into a sanctuary, arch or temple. It is there that as a child, one takes refuge far from the anger of the parents, that one also tastes the freedom and the first adventures. Later, in adulthood, it allows us to reconnect with the living and the full nature that surrounds us, and allows interior, meditative, sometimes spiritual or mystical explorations. Insulate yourself and settle down, the better to be reborn and resist.

« As long as there are cabins deep in the woods, nothing will be completely lost », Sylvain Tesson.

A literary series in two episodes by Céline Develay-Mazurelle and Laure Allary, initially broadcast in May 2020.

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