Setapp, app subscription service, now has a Family Plan

2023-05-31 21:30:00

the app platform Setapp announced today the launch of its Family Plan, with the aim of offering savings and broader access to the service. With a collection of more than 240 apps for macOS and iOS users, the company seeks to meet the diverse needs of users.

In practice, the Family Plan allows users to invite up to three additional people to access the catalog on a Mac and an iOS device (per person). The plan costs $20/month or US$215/anoallowing subscribers to split this amount among themselves.

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To migrate, subscribers must login to the site and access the “Subscription” tab. It is important to highlight that the person who starts the Family Plan is responsible for paying and no one can see which apps are used by each one.

After setup, users can invite other members to join through a dashboard. Just enter the email addresses of the invited people and an invitation will be sent to them; when they accept, they will have full access to the app catalog.

Although it is possible to add current Setapp subscribers to the Family Plan, it is worth considering that the remaining days of your previous subscriptions will be lost. Adding or removing members can be done via the Setapp dashboard, offering flexibility in plan management.

In addition, Family Plan members have the option to switch to their own individual plan at any time via their profile page, allowing them to customize their subscription to their specific preferences.

The platform offers an individual plan for macOS and iOS, with price of US$12.50/month or US$135/ano. In this way, the shared payment model can result in savings of up to 50% for each of the users.

Finally, it is worth noting that new users are entitled to a 30-day free trial of the service. Definitely worth checking out! 😉

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