Sets, rings, veils. The ministry described exactly what the teaching would be like

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) has published on its website a large overview of issues which, according to the ministry, concern parents of schoolchildren the most. And at the same time it brings answers to them. We choose the most important passages.

1. Veils

As mentioned above, in the end there is no general obligation to wear veils in schools. Exceptions may be mass events and wearing veils can also infect hygiene.

“The introduction of the obligation to wear veils is governed by the so-called traffic light. In the event that the district is included in emergency level II (orange), the relevant regional hygiene station will introduce the obligation to wear veils in common areas of schools and school facilities,” writes the Ministry of Education.

On Friday, however, it turned out that there are exceptions to this rule as well – Prague is currently falling into the orange “zone,” yet Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) announced that he only recommends wearing veils in schools in the metropolis. Supposedly because Prague is still at the lower limit of the orange zone. You can read more in this article on

2. Organizing mass events (meetings, sports tournaments, etc.)

“It is generally not recommended that schools and school facilities organize mass events, but if they decide to organize a mass event, they are obliged to follow the extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health,” says the Ministry of Education. The regulation simply imposes an obligation to wear veils if more than 100 people take part in the event at the same time.

3. Pupils with chronic diseases

“For chronically ill students or allergy sufferers with persistent symptoms such as colds and coughs, the general practitioner for children and adolescents confirms that it is not an infectious disease. After submitting a medical certificate, the child is allowed to enter the school building. .

4. Quarantined teacher

If the teacher ends up in quarantine, he can agree with the school management to work remotely. If this is not possible, “the teacher is in a similar situation from the point of view of legal regulations as in the case of illness,” the ministry informs.

5. Rings

For parents who are used to sending their children to a sports or drama group, for example, the good news is that these school activities are not forbidden. Nevertheless, they will be in a different regime than usual this school year.

“The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports recommends considering their implementation, and if the rings are implemented, we recommend considering setting the conditions so as to minimize the possibility of disease transmission – do not change groups of children, follow all hygiene and other recommendations,” the resort urges caution.

6. Groups and school clubs

The groups should also work in another mode. “The school principal should consider organizing a school club or school club department so that the department or group is made up of pupils in one class or several pre-given classes. If this is not possible, the rules described in the manual and hygiene measures announced by the ministry should be followed. health care, “describes the ministry on the web.

If you are interested in how boarding schools, canteens or swimming lessons will work in the new school year, you will find a complete overview of the most frequently asked questions and answers. on the website of the Ministry of Education HERE.

The shops responded, in addition to exercise books, they also offer veils for schoolchildren:


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