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Settlement of Hong Kong and Taiwan︱ “Discussion and Discussion”, all established voices host Qizan Two-way Pass, free injections to ridicule the public’s “political brain” | Apple Daily

The Hong Kong and Taiwan program “Discussion and Discussion” was picked up after it was broadcast because of the broadcast of the June 4th long-distance running segment.The latest episode has also been produced by an external production team.Produced by He Chong-en, former Chinese director of Hong Kong and Taiwan, who has no experience in TV production. The segment of the program broadcast tonight (28th) shows that the host of the show has been changed blood.Take over by the former district councillor Wu Wanting of the pro-establishment faction, Yang Zhenyao, the former chief executive of Radio Pay TV, and the current affairs commentator Yin Zhiqiang, Replacing the original host Citizen Party Yu Ruowei, former chairman of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang and anchor Chen Yuehui.

All visits to the establishment

The latest episode of “Discussion and Discussion” will be broadcast on TV 31 of Hong Kong and Taiwan at 8 pm tonight. The theme is the development of Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic work and the phasing out of products containing micro-plastic beads. The content is exclusively interviewed by the opinions of the legislators of the establishment, and Quoting his parliamentary speeches, including the chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of China Li Huiqiong and the Liberal Party Zhong Guobin.

In the second half of the show, the three hosts discussed current affairs, the performance of Hong Kong Disneyland, and the issue of free vaccinations for Mainland residents of the two-way permit in Hong Kong. Yin Zhiqiang pointed out that the theme park “is not up to the standard is normal.” Because all indicators cannot predict the development of the current situation, he believes that Hong Kong Disneyland is “untimely” and faced challenges such as competition and the epidemic brought by the new Disneyland in Shanghai.

Wu Wanting served as an “ugly man” to retort, saying that he was disappointed that Disney’s performance was not up to standard, but believed that the park focused on reform and multimedia development, and also catered for the needs of grassroots and grassroots citizens.

Host Qizan Two-way Pass can give free injections to mock the public “politically brained”

For the Hong Kong Government’s announcement,Provide free vaccination services to mainland residents and refugees holding two-way permits, The two agreed in unanimous praise, believing that everyone is equal before the fight against the epidemic, and there is no need to recover costs, and they remind the government to make full preparations to avoid “sweeping” due to language barriers.

In the end, the show ended in a hasty way with the hosts “fighting” with each other. Yang Zhenyao mentioned that there are opinions in the market that only two-way permit holders should be vaccinated with the domestically produced Coxing vaccine. He satirized the public that they should not be “politically brained”, “or I don’t need to make it clear. My colleagues said, “It’s better to fight a foreign vaccine, and the mainland government will not pursue you.” Wu Ze responded, “That’s too conspiracy theory, Yang Sir,” and the show ended in a hurry.


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