Seven-Eleven sells insurance online for 10 baht, no need to buy at the store. Receive policy immediately

Counter service Sales of group insurance policies 10 baht, Songkran Aunjai, New Normal, Super Plus 30 days through the 7-Eleven application and online purchase website without having to go to the store Receive up to 100,000 SMS for accident protection plus COVID-19 protection And allergic to vaccines

Today (14 Apr) news reports that Counter Service Co., Ltd. has sold a group insurance policy of 10 baht, Songkran Aunjai, New Normal Super Plus (Micro Insurance) through the 7-Eleven application and the website. Without the need for a real ID card to buy Insured by Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited. Coverage 30 days from the date of purchase. You can receive policy via SMS and email by filling in your personal information. National Identification Number Mobile phone number and email, then make payment. Able to pay online via credit card number. Or debit card And cash at the counter service in 7-Eleven stores and wait for SMS protection immediately after purchase

For those insurance groups The Office of Insurance Commission and Promotion (OIC) has cooperated with the insurance industry. Product development to increase protection against COVID-19 infection. And allergic to the COVID-19 vaccine Pay only 10 baht premium, providing the main coverage is in the event of death. Loss of organs Or total permanent disability Due to an accident Will receive 100,000 baht for protection, but if caused by murder Sneaky assault and / or an accident while driving or riding on a motorcycle Will receive coverage 50,000 baht

Expenses for funeral arrangements in case of illness death (Except in the event of death from illness within the first 14 days) including death from the effects of COVID-19 vaccination. It covers from the first day of insurance and vaccination after the insurance. Receive coverage of 5,000 baht daily compensation during inpatient treatment. Due to an accident Also affected by the COVID-19 vaccination, 300 baht per day, not more than 20 days will receive coverage of not more than 6,000 baht and cases of COVID-19 infection. Will be covered 3,000 baht by the insured must be from 20 years of age to 70 years of age on the date of insurance The coverage period is 30 days and operators participating in the program are policyholders.

In addition, at present, the counter service service point. In the shop 7-Eleven There are approximately 12,500 branches nationwide.


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