Seven injured in a skirmish between the military and alleged drug traffickers in Gracias a Dios


A confrontation between the military and people linked to the drug activity left seven civilians wounded by gunshots. The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in the community of Ibans, municipality of Bruce Laguna of this department.

According to José Coello, spokesman for the Armed forcesIn that sector, “an alleged maritime trace of a three-motor boat was reported, in which it was allegedly transported way”.

“They began to persecute her and when she was secured, some individuals linked to drug activity began to shoot at the military and at a helicopter. In the confrontation there were seven people injured ”, he added.

It was reported that when the occupants of the boat observed the presence of the military approaching by air by helicopter, they began to shoot at them, resulting in the aircraft with several bullet holes.

In response, the military wounded the occupiers. The wounded were taken to the hospital in Puerto Lempira in the attacked helicopter of the Armed forces to be attended to.

The uniformed officers seized the three-engine boat, in which several barrels of fuel were being transported.

Until night, the authorities were going to proceed with the inspection of the boat to determine if they were loading way.

“It is an operation in progress, the area has been secured to inspect if drugs are found,” concluded Coello.


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