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The RPG mobile game “Seven Knights 2” ushered in its first update, with the addition of new legendary hero “Crimson Sword Rain Kleier” and “Guild War”. Players are welcome to prepare for new challenges.

Players can use the newly added legendary hero-“Crimson Sword Rain Kleil” to fight against more powerful enemies. The costume of “Teacher Kreier” can now be purchased in “Youli’s Dressing Room”.

In order to celebrate the debut of new heroes, the official special “Hero Summoning Probability Promotion Event” is held, including special summoning probabilities and store summoning probabilities. There are also special hero growth missions, which will provide players with additional rewards based on the level of “Crayer”.

In addition, after this update, “Seven Knights 2” ushered in a new fierce battle! In addition to guild missions, the guild is now open to players to join the thrilling guild battles that appear in seasons. In guild battles, players can test the strength of the enemy guild and obtain attractive seasonal rewards.

The pre-season season will kick off on November 27, and all guilds must go all out to stand out and win in this highly competitive game mode. Players can participate in guild battles and receive special rewards in the “Experience the Guild Preseason Season! Special Missions” launched from November 24th to December 8th.

To celebrate the first update of “Seven Knights 2”, the game launched the “100 Summon Ticket Party!” event, where players can win up to 100 summon tickets including heroes, pets and equipment. The content of this event is divided into two stages. Players can receive the rewards of the second stage only after completing the first stage tasks.

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