seven out of ten professions in high tension, according to a study

Three-quarters of “the top 30 occupations in tension” are thus construction and industrial occupations.

Tensions in the labor market are at their highest level in ten years and concern seven out of 10 professions, according to a study by Dares and Pôle emploi published Thursday. These recruitment difficulties are increasing in practically all professions and “are particularly strong in construction, industry, IT and telecommunications, as well as in nursing“, according to this note. These tensions were measured in 2021 using an indicator taking into account anticipated recruitment difficulties, the number of job offers, the ease of job seekers finding a job and other indicators. on the causes of the tensions.

The three quarters “of the top 30 shortage occupationsare jobs in construction and industry, mainly for skilled workers or technicians. In industry, almost all professions are concerned: “technicians, supervisors and draughtsmen, fitters, pipefitters and boilermakers, bodybuilders, vehicle mechanics and skilled mechanical maintenance workers».

Engineers and technical executives are also in tension, as well as many trades of unskilled workers (mechanics, electricity-electronics in particular). In industry, tensions aremore linked to a lack of available labour, whereas in the construction industry, the intensity of hiring plays a greater role“. For blue-collar jobs, the working conditionsare also often constraining».

High intensity of hiring

In computing and telecommunications, several factors are involved:a high intensity of hiring, a lack of training and a lack of available labor“. In health, alongside the lack of manpower, there is “a strong link between training and employment» et «working conditions are often more restrictive there».

Almost all of these top 30 jobs also require specific training, according to the study. For two-thirds of the professions in the top 30, the geographical distribution of supply differs from that of labor demand. But the tensions can vary from one territory to another.

«For unskilled workers in the agri-food industries, a profession globally in tension, recruitment difficulties spare certain departments in the north and east of France», notes the study. Among the 30 professions employing the most employees, “half is strongly, even very strongly tense“, such as the professions of caregivers, home helps or truck drivers.

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