Seven partygoers overdose at a party in Vancouver

Seven revelers were hospitalized after overdoses at an apartment party overnight Friday through Saturday in Vancouver. Vancouver police suspect that the cocaine and MDMA consumed were contaminated with dangerous substances.

Subsequently, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department issued a warning about the use of dangerous illicit drugs while circulating in the coastal city.

The seven people transported to a hospital were between 25 and 42 years old.

According to Vancouver Sun., the first paramedics arrived on the scene called the police for reinforcement because of the too large number of overdoses to manage.

Upon arrival at the scene, paramedics had found at least five people in severe overdose crisis requiring medical intervention.

Other people outside the apartment also requested medical intervention.

Paramedics and police administered several doses of naloxone, a drug used in extreme cases and reserved to temporarily limit the impacts of an overdose.

“We remind everyone, including recreational drug users, to be extremely careful when deciding to use street drugs,” Vancouver Police spokesperson Jason Doucette said.

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