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Seven people arrested for newborn death in Anzoátegui

Seven people were detained by officials from the Cicpc, Pariaguán municipal delegation, implicated in the death of a newborn.

The event occurred in the town of Mapire, José Gregorio Monagas municipality, in the Anzoátegui state, when two integral doctors performed an abortion on Nelly Zamora (21), who was eight months pregnant, in a house located on Falcón Street, sector Buenos Aires, José Gregorio Monagas municipality.

According to police sources, the Zamora couple, Mervis María Miranda (33), had asked for the abortion to be performed for having been unfaithful.

The investigators began the investigation after receiving a complaint from an official of the Council for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, for which they proceeded to exhume the body of the newborn.

The body had been buried in the Mapire cemetery last Sunday night. The autopsy performed in the morgue of the El Tigre hospital determined that the child had been born alive and that he had died of respiratory failure.

The detainees were identified as Nelly Zamora (21) mother of the child; his partner Mervis María Miranda (33); integral doctors Norman Álvarez (38) and Bonni Flores (32); Tayrith Ríos (39), who provided the 15 ampoules of oxytocin to induce labor; José Gregorio Zamora (26) and Saidis Zamora (25), both buried the body.

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