Several hundred people demonstrate again in Neuchâtel

A demonstration against the restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic drew nearly 800 people, according to the organizers, in Neuchâtel on Saturday. They were 300, according to the Neuchâtel Police

Protesters were given permission to march, but many were not wearing protective masks. For the Neuchâtel Police, the protesters numbered 300 rather than 800, a figure put forward by the organizers. Signs were raised and slogans were chanted such as “take off your masks”, “freedom” or “that’s enough”, noted a videographer from Keystone-ATS. The Neuchâtel Police did not intervene at the time concerning the non-compliance with the wearing of a mask by some but intends to contact the organizer and report the case to the Consumer Affairs and Veterinary Affairs Department. A possible fine could therefore fall on the shoulders of the person in charge of the parade who wanted to be a citizen action.

Third episode of the genre

The first demonstration, a rally in support of restaurateurs, took place on January 9 in Neuchâtel and attracted nearly 500 people. During the second demonstration of February 13, which had been more attended, the reopening of public places (shops, restaurants, cultural places) on March 1 or from March 15 was requested. At the same time in the city of Neuchâtel, as elsewhere in Switzerland, cultural circles had demonstrated in silence with the slogan “No culture, no future”.

At the end of the day’s rally, the protesters dispersed peacefully, according to the Neuchâtel Police. / ATS-sbe


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