Several injured during a covid check in Waterloo: the mayor calls for calm

Not wishing to speak on the merits of the case, the mayor of Waterloot explains that she received a lot of messages after the police intervention.

Lthe mayor of Waterloo, Florence Reuter, on Monday launched an appeal for calm, two days after a police intervention in a home in Waterloo, where several people had gathered in violation of anti-Covid measures.

Not wishing to speak on the merits of the case, the mayor of Waterloot explains having received a lot of messages after the police intervention, Friday evening around 11:30 p.m., in a private house located on the edge of the towns of Ohain (Lasne) and Waterloo . A party bringing together ten people was taking place there.

During the home check carried out in agreement with the Brabant prosecutor’s office, the owner of the house rebelled, as did his wife and their children. The police were beaten and injured without being incapacitated for work. The mother was found on the ground during the altercation and suffers from a broken nose.

According to the incriminated family, the police used unjustified force. The father, mother and their adult daughter will nevertheless be summoned before the criminal court to respond to gang rebellion, police beatings and an offense relating to curfew. “A judicial investigation is underway, to which I will be very attentive,” said the mayor of Waterloot in a press release. “On the form, on the other hand, I can only regret the lack of nuance on social networks. Information is spread like wildfire, often without analysis or verification. The difficult context of the health crisis we are experiencing and the measures imposed create a feeling of insecurity in which the emotional aspect takes precedence, ”continues the deputy mayor.

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“I can only appeal to reason. The judicial investigation is continuing and an emergency appearance before the criminal court is scheduled for January 25. Let justice do its work with rigor, calm and serenity, ”concludes Florence Reuter.


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