Several Republicans request intelligence briefings for Biden

Dhe former American President Barack Obama has made serious accusations against Republicans who, despite his electoral defeat, continue to support incumbent Donald Trump. What worries him more than Trump’s baseless election fraud allegations is the fact that other Republicans are dragging along against their better judgment, Obama said in pre-published excerpts from an interview that CBS News plans to air in full on Sunday. “It is a further step to deny legitimacy not only to the new Biden government but also to democracy as a whole. And that is a dangerous path. “

Trump has his defeat to the Democrat Joe Biden not yet admitted and presents himself as a victim of systematic electoral fraud, although there is no evidence of this. Commenting on Trump’s claims, Obama said, “Part of it seems to be because the president doesn’t like to lose and never admits defeat.” Few Republicans have publicly recognized Biden as the election winner. Rather, the party’s leaders – like Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell – are backing Trump’s attempts to challenge Biden’s victory.

Observers also see this as a move not to turn their own electorate against themselves and to keep them motivated for immensely important runoff elections for crucial Senate seats in Georgia in early January. But especially in the area of ​​national security, the Republicans also have an interest in ensuring that there is an orderly handover and that Biden is fully capable of acting from day one in office.

More and more signs of acceptance for Biden’s election victory

A growing number of Republican politicians are now calling for that White House Make intelligence briefings available to newly elected President Joe Biden. Influential Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN on Thursday, when asked if Biden should get the briefings, “Yes, I think he should.” According to the media, Senators Chuck Grassley, James Lankford and John Thune made similar statements.


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