several stores should remain closed this Wednesday!

The socialist union has already warned: actions are to be expected in the province of Limburg and it is not excluded that other provinces will follow. Indeed, a strike notice at Lidl was filed for Wednesday, October 13. As we know, a social conflict is brewing for the hard-discount store chain.

Actions had already taken place last spring: a number of distribution centers were blocked, among others. The socialist union also points to the high rate of absenteeism and staff turnover, “which indicates a deep unease among the staff”.

Earlier this week, a conciliation meeting was held between the unions and management, but to no avail. A number of staff requests were not met. For example, unions demanded a measurement of staff tasks over a sufficiently long period of time, but management only wanted to do this for a week in a limited number of branches, says the BBTK.

The management wants to eliminate the reinforcement of 42 hours per week and per store from next February. Strengthening a “flying team” is also insufficient, according to the union.


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