Several Western Digital NVMe SSDs on promotion

We are entering the bulk of Black Friday with lots of offers for the field of IT and High Tech. If you are looking for NVMe SSDs to boost your PC’s speed, these promotions should be of interest to you.

NVME SSDs on sale for Black Friday

SSD storage drives are very popular with gamers thanks to a much faster data processing speed than a conventional HDD. We recently released a guide with a nice selection if you are interested. For Black Friday, the Western Digital brand is making some interesting discounts on its NVMe SSDs on Amazon. If you are on a PC, this will allow you to gain speed just when you start your computer by installing the operating system on it, but also your various games, which will greatly reduce your loading times.

First of all we have the SSD NVMe WD Blue SN550 in promotion at 500GB at 44.99 € (instead of 54.49 €) and at 1TB for 69.99 € (instead of 89.99 €). They have a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface in M.2 2280 format and offer a write speed of 1950 MB / s and a write speed of 1950 MB / s.

Buy 500 GB NVMe SSD for 44.99 €
Buy 1TB NVMe SSD at 69.99 €

And if you want a higher quality and even faster NVMe SSD, know thatAmazon and Cdiscount also offer an unmissable promotion on the WD Black SN750 500GB. They are PCI Express compatible and have a write speed of 2600MB / s (write) and read speed of 3470MB / s.

Buy WD Black NVMe 500GB SSD for € 51.99 on CDiscount
Buy WD Black NVMe 500GB SSD for € 51.99 on Amazon

Do not hesitate to consult all the Black Friday offers on our dedicated page so as not to miss the most interesting offers.

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