Severe ear pain is actually “shingles” at the heart of the doctor: this kind of people need to be careful

▲Severe ear pain is actually “shingles” at work: this kind of people need to be careful

(News Department of Report) The woman had severe ear pain, and she did not expect herpes to develop in her ears after diagnosis. This 52-year-old woman has been suffering from dizziness and hearing loss for a long time, and she often doesn’t care about it. As a result, her ears suffered from electric shock-like pain and swelling one day. After going to the doctor, it turned out to be a rare ear herpes.

According to Zhou Zonghan, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taipei United Hospital, the patient is not induced by menopause, immune system disorders, and long-term sleep quality. The doctor specially reminded that this is caused by the same shingles virus as chickenpox. Because the virus invades the cranial ganglia and facial nerve, it will cause severe earache, dizziness, and severe facial paralysis.
Shingles, commonly known as skin snakes, is a viral infection that has a considerable relationship with immunity, and autumn is the season of occurrence. The state of shingles is like chicken pox or skin rash. It starts with local redness and swelling, and then blisters will grow. This pain is very unbearable, sometimes itching, and it is very painful like acupuncture or fire.

Highly related to immune status
When suffering from herpes zoster, the most important thing is to treat it through a combination of external medicine and antiviral drugs. In addition, the affected area must be very careful not to break the wound and cause infection. Since shingles is highly related to immunity, you should pay attention to the health of your body at ordinary times. If you accidentally suffer from it, your body is currently in a weaker state. In addition to a balanced diet, you must also have enough sleep and supplement water.
About 10-20% of patients still have symptoms of “postherpetic neuralgia” after the wound has healed, and some even last for months or years. Even if the chickenpox is healed, the pain will continue to be felt. This is also a “shingles” The trouble with rash is that the patient’s “neuralgia” is very obvious, and it even takes a long time to take painkillers to suppress it. In addition, it is necessary to pay great attention to complications like the above cases. If the virus enters the ears, it may affect hearing, and even enter the brain may cause meningitis.

Special precautions for pregnant women and infants
Since the shingles virus is latent in the body, it is not that you will never get it again. If you notice that the body begins to gather blisters, you should seek medical attention immediately. As for the prevention, like the new coronary pneumonia, shingles is mainly infected through the virus, so you must wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.

Although shingles is not directly contagious, because its virus is the same as chickenpox, there is still a chance that people who have not had chickenpox will be infected with the virus. Therefore, if there are pregnant women, babies or young children in the home, pay special attention. Guard against.



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