Severe! Over 13,000 coronavirus cases, more than 1,000 from prisons, deaths over 100

The COVID-19 Information Center reports the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand (since 1 April 2021), as of 21 July 2021, there are 13,002 new cases, comprising 11,953 new cases from the outside world and from prisons/incarcerations. 1,049 cases, increasing the number of cumulative patients since April 1 to 410,614, and the cumulative number of patients since 2020 to 439,477.

As of 108 new deaths since April 1, there have been 3,516 deaths from COVID-19, with 3,610 cumulative deaths since 2020.

At the same time, 8,248 more recovered, 277,030 cumulative recoveries since April 1, and 304,456 cumulative recoveries since 2020.


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