Sevilla enervates the League

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On Saturday, the football planet was hugging after the Government confirmed that the League could return from June 8, a great news that supported the plans of Javier Tebas, who always had in mind that the competition would return on Friday 12 ( It also sounds on Thursday 11) of that same month with the monumental derby between Sevilla and Real Betis. Yesterday, however, the alarms went off because of some compromising photos in which you can see four Sevilla players (Ocampos, “Mudo” Vázquez, De Jong and Éver Banega) enjoying a cheerful group meal, some images that Banega’s wife hung on her nets and she immediately withdrew.

They were held on Saturday and then the Andalusian capital was still in phase 1 of the de-escalation, so that the meetings could not be more than ten people. Apart from not complying with the social distance required by the health authorities, since all the diners are close together, in the meeting there were at least eleven people as can be seen. Obviously, it is a matter of extreme concern in the League, very strict in its control that the protocol is strictly observed to guarantee the return to competitive activity on the aforementioned date.

In fact, Javier Tebas, in his Sunday appearance in “#Vamos”, regretted the recklessness of the sevillistas and denounced “completely incomprehensible and inadmissible attitudes since they put at risk the end of the competition.” «The League always takes measures, another thing is not to publish them. But the players have repented and made a statement. We are examples for society and I am convinced that they have a sense of forgiveness. I make an appeal: we cannot have these attitudes, we must be very careful, “he insisted.

In its eagerness to resume the competition, essential for all parties involved that the current season ends and that the economic losses are not so devastating, the employers established very strict rules. In recent weeks, footballers have been observed to comply with protocols, arriving at the facilities on duty with official clothing, working first individually and then in groups of ten at most, passing temperature controls …

However, this illegality has occurred in the private sphere and, directly, what has been done here has been to fail to comply with the regulations stipulated by this phase 1 imposed by the Government. In addition, there is one more fact in this photo for the League: in this last week, the first of collective work, De Jong did not belong to the group in which Banega, Ocampos and Mudo Vázquez are, another aspect to take into account. Besides, the protocol developed by the League suggests that players not leave their home for anything other than training.

The red and white squad trained on Saturday morning and had a rest day yesterday, although it was a day of many calls once the photos of the discord came to light. Before the commotion, and late in the afternoon, the players involved asked for forgiveness for their lack of discipline. «I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. It was a family and companions meeting, but unconsciously we were not correct. So I want to apologize to our club, our fans and our society in general. It will not be repeated. We just want to play again as soon as possible. More or less the same were the words of Ocampos and the rest.

Sevilla sources consulted by ABC explained that they had spoken to the footballers and had conveyed their discomfort, although, at the moment, they were not studying imposing any punishment. .


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