Sexism at France Télévisions: the athlete Christine Arron tackles Patrick Montel

Christine Arron did not like her experience as a consultant at France Télévisions. In 2017, the European 100m champion in 1998 came to comment on the London World Championships on public service with the team usually in place around Patrick Montel, Stéphane Diagana and Bernard Faure. Above all, she had bad memories, as she recounts in an interview with the magazine “The Running Heroes Society” this Thursday.

“France Télévisions wanted to feminize the set, so they called me. But it was very, very painful, says the athlete. Montel and Diagana formed a beautiful duo. “I can tell you that there was no room for a woman,” continues the champion. They didn’t let me speak. We spent ten days together and there was never: How is it going ? Can we help you? It didn’t really make me want to start over. “

These comments about a woman’s place echo the recent criticisms of Clémentine Sarlat on the sports service of public channels.

“He is very bad at his expertise”

In this same interview, Christine Arron let loose more particularly on the former journalist star of athletics on public service: “It makes people race well, but it is very bad in its expertise, this is is not Bernard Faure (Editor’s note: former French marathon champion). Off the air, I heard him tell bad things about the athletes: One is finished, the other will never have a medal. Yep, painful, Patrick Montel! Concludes Christine Arron.

Since 2019 and his comments on doping about the Clémence Calvin case, Patrick Montel has been excluded from the comments of France Télévisions.

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