Sexual harassment: another executive leaves Ubisoft


An executive of the French video game publisher left the company following testimonies designating him as the author of several cases of harassment and sexual assault.

Since the emergence of the first reports of sexual harassment at the end of June, several Ubisoft executives have been pushed out or have resigned.


The vice-president in charge of the editorial service of the French video game publisher Ubisoft, Tommy François, quoted in several testimonies published in the press as responsible for harassment and attempted sexual assault, has left the company, confirmed on Monday. group at AFP.

According to the digital news site Numerama, the announcement was made to employees via an internal e-mail signed by the CEO of the group, Yves Guillemot, explaining that Tommy François had “left the group with immediate effect”.

Tommy François, who joined Ubisoft in 2006, was quoted in a series of articles published by several media, including AFP, concerning cases of harassment and sexual assault, the revelation of which has deeply shaken the group for nearly two months.

With immediate effect

Since the emergence of the first testimonies at the end of June, several leaders of the group have indeed been pushed towards the exit or have resigned, including the number two of the group, Serge Hascoët, who left his post as head of creation in mid-July.

The head of the Quebec studio in Montreal and the group’s director of human resources have also left Ubisoft.

“Ubisoft has not been able to guarantee its employees a safe and inclusive working environment”, regretted Yves Guillemot, quoted in the press release announcing their departure.

“It’s not acceptable”

“It’s not acceptable. Any toxic behavior is in total opposition to the values ​​with which I have never compromised and with which I will not compromise, ”said the leader.

The company, which has 18,000 employees worldwide, 22% of whom are women, has launched several internal investigations since the first revelations and began restructuring its human resources department, accused of having covered up certain toxic behaviors.


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