Sexual violence: the “baron” of the dojos of the North struck off

A judo teacher, suspected of sexual assault in the 1990s by several of his former students, has, according to our information, been struck off (in first instance) by the disciplinary commission of the French judo federation. The man, in his sixties, is also prohibited from applying for a federal license for five years. 6th dan black belt, he could also lose his ranks. The one who officiated for forty years in various clubs in the north of France still has a few days to appeal the decision.

The case had erupted at the end of October, after the testimony of C., a young woman of 23, who had revealed on social networks, then in the columns of the Parisian – Today in France, to have been raped by her former teacher of judo ten years ago. His testimony had created a real shock wave in the world of judo, freeing the word and leading to the revelations of other former judokats. Other teachers have thus been accused of sexual violence, including this man who is now struck off, also former president of the League and former member of the Board of the French Judo Federation, since brought before the disciplinary committee.

Five women filed a complaint

According to our information, five women have lodged a complaint for acts of sexual violence or harassment. One of them had told the Parisian – Today in France how the professor had “kissed her on the mouth” when she was 13 and a half years old before having an intimate relationship with her. She had described how, for twelve years, this man would have had a hold on her. Another woman told us how, when she was a minor, this man had “woven his web” and started to do his “sex education”.

In early November, she filed a rape complaint. An investigation is currently being carried out by the Lille judicial police. Without waiting for the conclusions, the federation had temporarily suspended the professor in early November and seized the disciplinary committee, which examined the case in mid-February. And therefore sanctioned.

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