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Life Center / Zheng Yurong report[11/25 16:27 press release | 20:33 update: new video and audio]

Zhang Xu, a well-known mathematics teacher in the tutoring industry, recently uploaded a teaching video on YouTube, and unexpectedly made the sexy assistant who helped wipe the blackboard become popular. Some netizens found the deity’s IG account and discovered that she turned out to be a small and famous Internet celebrity “Yun Bao” , Usually engaged in live broadcast host, outdoor model and performance related work. In the face of widespread attention, Yun Bao seemed to be flattered, exclaiming, “I didn’t expect to wipe the news on the blackboard one day!” Thank you very much for the invitation of Teacher Zhang Xu and the enthusiastic villagers for sharing and reposting.

▲The assistant teacher took off his jacket and showed a good figure, which caused a riot among netizens. (Photo/Retrieved from Mathematics teacher Zhang Xu YT)

Zhang Xu, a well-known mathematics teacher in the tutoring industry, uploaded a calculus teaching video on YouTube on the 22nd. A long-haired teaching assistant appeared in the film to help wipe the blackboard, which attracted the attention of netizens. Unexpectedly, two days later, yesterday (24), Zhang Xu posted a video titled “If you don’t read this question, you will regret it | NTU 108 Transfer Exam Calculus Volume B”. The teaching assistant appeared again. This time she took off as soon as she came on stage. She dropped her jacket, revealing her fragrant shoulders and a hot body, triggering a riot in the message area.

▼▲The real identity of the teaching assistant is the internet celebrity “Yun Bao”. (Picture/Retrieved from Yunbao IG)

Some netizens found out the IG account of the teaching assistant and discovered that she was actually called “Yun Bao” with 53,000 tracking numbers. She is currently in college. In addition to acting as a live broadcast host, she is also engaged in outdoor shooting modelling and performance-related work. Regarding his popularity due to wiping the blackboard, Yun Bao tweeted and said with a smile, “I was searched by meat, and I was surprised that I had not slept in preparing for the mid-term exam for the past two days. I didn’t expect that one day would be caused by wiping the blackboard. News” and said that I became a ban girl by chance. I am very grateful to Teacher Zhang Xu for the invitation and the kindness of the villagers and netizens.

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