SF dystopia RPG “Encased” will be officially released on September 7th. Live freely in the devastated world and chase rare relics | AUTOMATON

Publisher Koch Media’s game label Prime Matter announced on July 30th that Dark Crystal Games’ SF dystopian RPG “Encased]Will be released on September 7th. This work is currently being accessed early on Steam and GOG.com. With this official release, it will also be available on the Epic Games Store.

“Encased” is a science fiction dystopian RPG set in a fictional 1976 world. In the world of this work, there is a huge building called a dome. The environment, isolated from the outside world and surviving a horrific “accident,” is said to be full of incredible technology and horrific enemies. Players seek irreversible dome journeys in search of rare artifacts.

In this work, the player will choose from five occupations: scientist, engineer, guard, manager, and criminal, and will jump into the open world. Initial stats and abilities differ depending on the occupation, and specific lines may occur. As you progress through the game, you will learn various abilities such as hacking and stealing, and improve your abilities such as close quarters battle and stealth to create your own character.


This work is influenced by a classic RPG with a post-apocalyptic worldview, and like those works, the gameplay consists of exploration, combat, and quests. You will survive every day while exploring the dome and crafting, upgrading and repairing weapons and supplies. It is also possible to cook.

In each quest, there are various strategies depending on the status and options. For example, threatening an enemy, persuading an important person, or bribeing. Whether you are a slaughterer or a pacifist, you are free to play and tolerate a variety of play styles. And the player’s choice also affects the ending.

As you level up, you’ll encounter six different factions inside the dome. It is up to the player to form a friendly relationship with or hostile to those factions. You can sesame to all the forces, or you can live as a lone wolf. You can also take a companion character and act as a leader.


Early Access, currently on Steam, allows you to play some of the first Act 1 and Act 2. And Act 2 and Act 3 will be added along with the official release. In addition to increasing the area that can be explored, there are plans to strengthen the battle system, expand craft recipes, and add artificial relics. Also, at the start of the game, there are plans for elements that allow the character’s characteristics to be selected.

“Encased” is a PC (Steam/Epic Games Store /GOG.com) will be officially released on September 7th. It does not support Japanese display.

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