SFC Bio confirms the efficacy of natural extracts to treat dementia… Registered international patents in the United States, etc.

SFC Bio, together with Dankook University Pharmacy, revealed that lobular extracts and Gwanjungong extracts are effective in treating dementia. Photo = SFC Bio

SFC Bio, a natural material research company, announced on the 13th that it found that natural extracts have the same therapeutic efficacy as drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

SFC Bio was jointly developed with Dankook University’s College of Pharmacy and discovered that the leaf extract and Gwanjung extract have the effect of fundamentally blocking beta-amyloid aggregation, which is the cause of dementia.

Leaflets are annual herbaceous plants belonging to the family Lamiaceae, and the leaves are perilla leaves, and the spectators are perennial grasses of the fern family, Brackeniaceae. Both plants are used medicinally, but it is the first in the world to prove the prevention of dementia.

According to the joint research team of SFC Bio and Dankook University College of Pharmacy, a water maze experiment was conducted after administering a certain amount of lobular extract to model mice with memory impairment. Confirmed. The company explained that this is an excellent effect on par with donepezil, an existing dementia treatment.

As a result of the cytotoxicity evaluation in the tuberous extract, it was confirmed that it was a safe raw material without toxicity and that the expression of b-secretase, an enzyme related to beta-amyloid production, was suppressed by treatment by concentration.

The joint research team is in the process of publishing the research in an international journal and registering a patent. Currently, two patents have been registered, including ‘a pharmaceutical composition for brain tissue regeneration for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia containing leaflet extract as an active ingredient’ and ‘a pharmaceutical composition for brain tissue regeneration for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia’.

Research on the extracts of the spectrum extract has also been published in international journals, and 3 domestic patents and 2 international patents (USA and China) have been registered.

The joint research team plans to start developing a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease through preclinical efficacy evaluation in animal models of dementia, comparative experiments with existing drugs, and clinical trials for dementia patients. Using this as a stepping stone, it is also planning to apply for natural medicines for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

An official from SFC Bio said, “Although the number of dementia patients is increasing, current dementia treatments only help relieve symptoms, but do not treat the root cause,” an SFC Bio official said. It can be minimized and has the effect of inhibiting beta-amyloid aggregates, so we expect that natural extracts from lobules and tubers will be the best alternative for dementia prevention.”

Reporter Lee Ha-rin, Global Economics [email protected]


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